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Waitlist | Next Level Color: A Hands On Dive Into the World of Color | Helen Dannelly
Waitlist | Next Level Color: A Hands On Dive Into the World of Color | Helen Dannelly

Sat, Sep 07


PaintSpace NOLA

Waitlist | Next Level Color: A Hands On Dive Into the World of Color | Helen Dannelly

$415 | Waitlist Are you ready to LEVEL UP YOUR COLOR GAME? Expand your palette and get beyond your own habits and assumptions with color! Designed for artists, designers, and anyone who works with color, this fun, in-depth workshop is crucial for success in every medium.

Dates & Location

Sep 07, 2024, 9:00 AM – Sep 08, 2024, 5:00 PM

PaintSpace NOLA, 1202 Soniat St, New Orleans, LA 70115, USA

Workshop Description

Instructor: Helen Dannelly (View Bio)

Level: All

Portfolio Review Required: No

Tuition: $415

Lunches Included: Yes

Are you ready to LEVEL UP you color game?

Let's dive deeper to the world of color!  Color theory is so much  more than the basic concept of hue, value and chroma.  Elevate your art  practice to a new level in this workshup designed for artists,  designers, and anyone who works with color.  Delve into the  relationships between colors, how they interact, and how they can be  used to create specific effects.  Color theory is crucial for every  artist’s success.

Helen's demos and exercises expand the way you approach painting - no  matter your level of experience. Endless possibilities await you!


"I want to say how much I’m enjoying this workshup. You are an  excellent teacher and the curriculum you’re sharing is helping me to  grow by leaps and bounds." -Jan M.

"Next Level Color was fabulous!  Helen is an excellent teacher." - Mikey B.

"I agree with Mikey! I learned so much in Helen’s Next Level Color  course. I look forward to participating in her Implementing Color  workshop! Helen is definitely an excellent instructor!" - Ingrid A.

"Thanks for the help and encouragement.  You are right in saying that  I will never forget the concepts of this lesson! I love how academic  these classes have been. Right up there with college classes." - Pam H.

"This is a great class! You are answering questions I never knew how to ask. You are such a generous teacher." - Suzanne D.

“I’ve loved the class, have been surprised and humbled by how much I  didn’t know and how much there is to know about color. You are a dynamic  teacher and the experience makes me want to take more Catalyst classes  in the future." - Karen N. F.

"Helen Dannelly’s color classes were exactly what I needed at just  the right time in my development. They were a springboard for me to  create more complex and nuanced artwork." - Heather D.

Topics Include:

Origins of modern color theory color

Mixing exercises to put that theory into practice

Three attributes of color and how to isolate and manipulate them

Additive versus subtractive color color perception

Relativity primary, secondary, and tertiary colors

Complementary colors

Muted hues

Chromatic versus achromatic grays

...and much more!

Expect To:

Master the fundamentals of color

Quit getting "mud"

Understand color relationships

Learn to mix harmonious colors

Broaden your essential color vocabulary

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