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Born and raised in rural southeastern Michigan, and studied illustration and painting at the College for Creative Studies, in Detroit. He began his illustration career at Graphic House Studios, downtown Detroit in 1970, a short stint in Pittsburgh, then on to New York City in 1973 through the late 80’s. In the early 1980’s NBC became one of his clients and and he began weekly illustrations for the TV guide. These were portraits and situations for the NBC lineup. So portraits from Elvis to Billie Dee Williams were a weekly affair.


Good likenesses were essential, so this was great training for portrait work later on. In the late 80’s it was back to Detroit to join Skidmore Sahratian, one of the last of the the great advertising art studios. In 1998 Gary joined Indigo Studios in Atlanta and began producing illustration work digitally. His work has appeared in most major magazines, on many book covers, (murder mystery was a specialty), Broadway posters, and in several children’s books. It also appeared in the Society of Illustrators “200 Hundred Years of American Illustration”, and in many of their annual exhibitions.


The illustrations and paintings have been in many juried exhibitions. Taking a few medals and “Best of Shows” along the way.


In 2014 Gary left the illustration business behind and began painting full time. He and Anne moved to the Western North Carolina mountains, where portraiture and painting outdoors became a way of life.

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