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Saskia is a painter and curator from New Orleans. Her three-decade exhibition record includes international, national, and regional venues. Saskia’s work and research focus on intersections of classical technique with contemporary ideologies and explorations.


She is also the founding curator of the newly formed non-profit Ozols Collection: A Museum of American Painting and Pedagogy whose mission promotes the advancement of Fine Arts as a vital learning tool; promoting intercultural discourse with a foundation in classical techniques and conversations.


Saskia has taught at Boston University, Tulane University, and Loyola University New Orleans. She has exhibited in cities including New Orleans, Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Moscow, and St. Petersburg, Russia. Her area of research is Realism in visual art with its contemporary intersections.


She holds an MFA from the historic Museum School of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, and trained with painters including Sidney Goodman, Bo Bartlett, Vincent Desiderio, Nelson Shanks, and Auseklis Ozols.

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