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Observing the expansive sky and the far-reaching vistas of the ocean played a vital role in Audrey Phillips’ ability to see in the abstract. Growing up, she spent many days on the waters of the Gulf of Mexico where her love of momentarily suspending herself underwater allowed her a visual and visceral experience that was otherworldly, blurred and beautiful, peaceful, and solitary.


Today, her studio practice mimics this childhood experience. In a similar transcendent space, the painting process allows her to tap into her senses creating very familiar yet unidentifiable realities. Her ongoing observations of the outside world still captivate her and attune her to the beautiful intelligence and power of nature. Audrey received her Bachelor of Fine Art from the University of Florida.


Audrey has exhibited in solo and group shows in Florida, where she currently lives, Georgia, North Carolina, Minnesota, Michigan, California, Texas, New Mexico and New York. Her work is can be found in corporate and private collection in the United States and internationally. In 2019, 54 of her paintings were acquired by the University of Tampa for permanent installation in their newly renovated Southard Family Building.


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