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Growing up in Western New York, I lived above my family’s tavern. While there was a lot of activity around me, I was often bored, and would amuse myself by drawing for hours while sitting at the restaurant’s dining room table. Over time this became a passion of mine, and I went on to earn a bachelor’s degree from Empire State College in Illustration and Graphic Design.


While raising my family, I taught art classes and freelanced for companies like Random House, American Greetings and Modern Publishing. Later I joined Fisher Price and created the look of hundreds of Little People figures and play sets, including Disney.


I loved my job, but my true passion has always been watercolor. I find the colors and flowing textures exciting. I also like a good challenge, and was determined to master a medium that many find to be the most difficult. The subjects of my paintings are typically found in the natural world. Flowers, farmer’s markets and city scenes are what I most love to paint as they make me happy, and I hope people feel that joy when they experience my artwork.


I also love to teach and share my love of art. In the course of my career I’ve won many national and local awards, was twice accepted into the Society of Illustrators Exhibit in New York City and was published in their annual book.

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