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Joan Fullerton holds BFA and MFA degrees in painting from the University of Wyoming. She was awarded the Outstanding Teaching Award while a college art instructor at Laramie County Community College in Cheyenne, Wyoming, from 1990 to 2003.


In 2003, she made the leap of faith to relocate and paint full-time in Taos, NM. Following several successful exhibitions during her eight years in Taos, Fullerton made her mark and established her reputation as a respected artist and teacher.


In 2010, she moved to the Denver area, where she paints in the studio when not traveling across the US and to Canada and Europe to conduct art workshops.

Joan's work has been in galleries, juried shows, and museums since the early 70s and has been shown internationally in Italy and Japan. She is published in the 2010 edition of Open Studios Press, Visual Journeys, Art of the 21st Century, and Journeys to Abstraction #3, featured in Acrylic Artist Spring 2017, and the New Edition of the Encyclopedia of Acrylic Painting Techniques by Hazel Harrison.


She is the author of “Paint Yourself Free,” an online painting course, and is a contributing author of the Amazon Bestseller, Radical Self-Love, How to Ignite Your Light Through Creativity.

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