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Stacy Phillips embarked on her creative journey from the landscapes of Northern California before embarking on a nomadic adventure across the United States for two eventful decades. Eventually, she found her artistic anchor in the state of Utah, where her passion for Fine Art took root. Stacy's academic pursuit culminated in a degree that beautifully combined her artistic sensibilities with a keen understanding of business. She's a graduate of Keene State College, where she honed her creative skills and laid the foundation for her career.

Following her academic journey, Stacy's entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish the Flat Rabbit Gallery in the town of Park City, Utah. For nearly a decade, she curated and operated this gallery, showcasing the works of various talented artists. Subsequently, Stacy chose to transition from gallery ownership to dedicate her time to her own studio practice, marking the inception of her career as a full-time working artist since 1993. With a commitment to honing her craft and a deep reverence for the materials and art processes, Stacy has garnered representation in galleries across the country and has achieved recognition through numerous solo and group exhibitions in prominent art hubs such as New York, Utah, and California.

Stacy's unending thirst for knowledge and exploration in diverse art forms and materials propels her creative journey. She firmly believes that mastering one's craft grants the freedom to seamlessly translate ideas into visual expressions with confidence.


Presently residing in Salt Lake City, Stacy continues to inspire and teach as a coach for Nicolas Wilton's Art2Life Program. Her connection to the art community deepens as she serves as the Working Artist of Utah for Golden Paints, offering invaluable insights and expertise. She maintains her studio at  Poor Yorick Studios in South Salt Lake.


Stacy's journey is a testament to her unwavering dedication to the art world and her boundless enthusiasm for learning, making her a compelling and influential figure in the realm of contemporary art.


Her method is rooted in curiosity and observation.

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